MetrioPharm – Patents

MetrioPharm AG was able to reach further goals with respect to the patent protection of MP1032. A far-reaching protection is a crucial factor for the out-licensing and marketing of our substance in the future. Our focus lies on the highly regulated pharmaceutical markets, therefore every patent is not only a proof of quality for our development, but also a crucial factor for value creation.

The European substance patent of MetrioPharm AG has been issued and published on May 7, 2014, as announced earlier by the European Patent Office.
An important step towards granting was also achieved in the US market. In line with its initial positive evaluation, the United States Patent and Trademark Office now officially declared in a so-called “Notice of Allowance” the intention to grant a US patent. MetrioPharm AG is thus expecting the granting of the compound patent for the US market within the current year.

The patentability in the US market is a critical asset. Since 33% of the worldwide pharmaceutical sales revenue is generated in North America, this region is a priority market for the marketing and out-licensing of the MP1000 compound class.