adaptolife is our new brand in the food supplements sector. Athenion’s overall concept is the scientific foundation of its products. Sophisticated formulations where the individual components perfectly interlock and support each other’s effect are the basis of adaptolife. We develop effective food supplements with ingredients which are natural to our organism.


The first product of adaptolife – adaptoday – is a power enhancing food supplement. It increases your endurance, your concentration and your resilience. The unique combination of adaptogens with amino acids, plant extracts, vitamins, mineral nutrients and trace elements supplies our body with all the crucial components that are needed to enhancing our memory, energy production, power and mind. Furthermore, we are protected from oxidative stress and can better adapt to stressful situations. Our body is in a status of homeostasis and we feel balanced and more comfortable. adaptoday will enhance your power over the whole day and you will experience an enjoyable flow of work.